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Cools Club was founded in Sydney, Australia in 2018. A sister brand to fellow Australian lifestyle clothing company Barney Cools, Cools Club has since made a name for itself in the women's clothing industry. Cools Club clothing isn't made for women who want to blend into the background. It's for women who love expressing themselves in a way that's fun, bold, bright and fearless.

A Cools Club woman is someone that's not afraid to stand her ground or speak her mind. She’s confident, bold and effortlessly chic. This same energy and passion are infused with every single piece of Cools Club clothing. If this sounds appealing to you, you'll adore the massive selection of Cools Club clothing we offer here at Peppermayo. Our inventory is easily among the most diverse and plentiful in Australia. There’s something for everyone.

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What truly sets the Cools Club brand apart is that it walks a fine line of being overtly feminine while also having a masculine twist. Cools Club clothing manages to be fashion-forward while pushing back against the status quo. Worried that you won't find pieces that fit your closet for years to come? As Australia's premier Cools Club stockists, we now carry a huge selection of fabulous pieces for every woman — and a fully-stocked inventory of Cools Club clothing for every season.

If you're looking for tops, you'll adore our selection of Cools Club jackets. Bring your outfit together with an eye-catching colour block polar jacket, a lavender puff jacket or an effortlessly cool black corduroy jacket. For laidback knitwear with an edgy 90s feel, Cools Club offers a unique palm tree knit sweater that’s a great addition to any wardrobe. If you’re after something a little more playful, Cools Club features bold prints and vibrant yellows and pinks, including their square neck tops and stunning button-up shirts.

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Cools Club only uses premium materials when designing and manufacturing their Cools Club dresses, Cools Club puffer jackets and all of their other products. Their clothing is made from cotton and polyester blends, nylon, viscose fabric and other strong materials.

With this level of durability, you'll be able to enjoy your Cools Club clothing for many years to come. Their use of high-quality and long-lasting materials is largely what makes Cools Club both a safe investment and an eco-conscious choice. Putting your money into quality pieces that will last is good for your wallet AND the planet.

Discover fashion-forward Aussie brand, Cools Club

Tired of buying the same clothes from the same big brands over and over again? We hear you! Buying from smaller brands like Cools Club is a fantastic way to assert your originality and independent spirit — without blowing your budget. Just be prepared to tell people where you got your outfits from because they'll most definitely be asking! Another huge benefit of buying Cools Club pieces is that you're supporting an Australian brand. Who could ask for anything more?

At Peppermayo, you can enjoy the ultimate Cools Club shopping experience. To keep shopping fun and stress-free, we offer fast shipping, free returns and free deliveries on orders over $60. Have any questions for our amazing customer support team? If so, please don't hesitate to call (02) 9690 2004 or fill out our enquiry form. We'd love to hear from you.